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Sheet metal processing in the process of waste rebound solution

Publisher:Jiangsu MeTeKe Adddate:2020-03-16 Views:452

1. Various factors such as cutting sequence, direction and size can cause the waste to rebound. Only by encouraging the production line operating technicians to learn and summarize the practice can we effectively prevent the scrap rebound in the sheet metal processing process and prevent the deterioration of the problems such as drawing plate with material.

2. For the problems of the mold itself, choose and buy the mold spring of big brands and big enterprises. Meanwhile, the material and manufacturing precision of big brands are guaranteed, and the design is mature and reliable.

3. For the problem of material state, choose different molds or add coating treatment for different materials.

4. Adopt air avoidance and waste prevention lower die or convex rib waste prevention lower die. The cutting edge wall adopts convex rib technology to clip the cutting waste in the cutting edge.

5, the input modulus should be reasonably controlled according to the plate, too shallow will cause the waste can not be completely cut off, in the feed waste will be taken out of the lower mold with the plate movement; If it is too deep, it will cause the delamination stroke and resistance of the punch to increase, thus extending the reaction time of the spring.

6, the sheet metal coating is also one of the factors that cause the waste to rebound, as with the solution of the belt material, must keep the sharp edge of the mold, if possible should be attached to the layer on the side below.

7. When the diameter or width of the upper die edge is greater than 8MM, install the polyamine resin rubber material on the edge of the punch head, and use more than 2 rubber materials to return the material in the long and thin die of the large station, or use the oblique blade, all can effectively prevent the waste and rebound. However, the property of the polyurethane material is consumable, so it is necessary to check and replace it every week. The bevel edge should also be maintained at all times and should not be worn into a flat edge.

8. The grinding capacity of the lower die is 2.5mm, because the cutting edge height cannot exceed 3MM! Too high will cause waste overlap, and after the air between the waste compressed, the above waste will pop out with the return of the punch die, after exceeding the safety of the cutting edge wear, the size of the lower die will become larger, the gap will become larger, the burr of the batch will become larger, the waste will also bounce up.

9. The grinding capacity of the mold also affects the rebound of the scrap, so it is impossible to grind the blade at will.

10. When the upper and lower dies of the mold or the upper and lower dies of the punch are seriously eccentric, the oversized burr on one side will also cause the waste to be taken out of the lower die with the movement of the plate. CNC punch machine should regularly correct the accuracy of up and down turret hole alignment.

11, on the bottom of the mold or plate material is generally unavoidable some lubricating oil or anti-rust oil, but never too much to form a fluid. When punching and cutting, it is easy to increase the adsorption between the end face of the upper die and the waste, forming a waste rebound. If this situation will be on the mold or plate oil exploration.

12, high-speed CNC punch is more and more widely used, a very important reason is that it has splicing punching flexible processing characteristics. However, don't make arbitrary mold choices when programming. In view of the characteristics of a certain type of hole, the first choice can be a one-time punching die, if must be cut processing, should be used to maximize the waste, the closest to the size of the punch die. If the minimum cut waste is too small, mold gap is large, the waste is not easy to be washed off, even if the waste is washed off into the next die, if still stuck in the previous waste, it is easy to jump out of the next die due to vibration rebound, the formation of waste rebound, so we must choose a scientific mold.

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