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How to prevent welding deformation in sheet metal processing?

Publisher:Jiangsu MeTeKe Adddate:2020-03-16 Views:680

Sheet metal processing is a very hot business, but along with the discovery of some problems, such as the occurrence of product processing errors are common, usually the most common problem is welding deformation, in order to prevent welding deformation, what should be paid attention to in the process measures?

1. Choose the right welding sequence. For the welding structure with more components, the components should be welded, rectified, and then assembled the whole welding, so that the total assembly is less than the whole, and then welding deformation.

2. Choose a reasonable welding sequence. In order to prevent welding deformation, strip welding, backwelding and symmetrical welding should be adopted in the welding sequence.

3. Reverse deformation method. Before welding is to give welding pieces and welding deformation direction of the opposite direction of deformation, after welding is just to offset the deformation of the workpiece before welding.

4. Select reasonable welding methods and specifications. Different welding methods have different energy density and heat input when heating the welding seam. For thin plate welding, choose the welding method with high energy density.

5. Rigid fixation. This method is effective in reducing welding deformation.
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