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Process characteristics of precision machining and ultra-precision machining of stamping parts

Publisher:Jiangsu MeTeKe Adddate:2020-03-16 Views:407

Precision machining and ultra-precision machining of stamping parts not only ensure high precision and surface quality, but also require high stability or maintenance, not affected by the change of external conditions.
1. Uniformity and consistency of performance of stamping parts. Internal or external microscopic defects are not allowed, and even the fibrosis of the material structure has certain requirements, such as the aluminum alloy disk of the precision disk is not allowed to have tissue fibrosis, the precision metal ball is the same;
2. The precision stamping parts shall be processed in a strict processing environment, and shall work in the purification room of a constant greenhouse. The purification requirements are 100 levels and the temperature is (20±0.006)℃.
3, stamping parts precision processing equipment itself is not only very high precision, and in the equipment internal use of constant temperature measures, gradually formed an independent processing unit, such as some precision machine tools in a large overall cover, cover to maintain a constant temperature;
4. The heat treatment process should be reasonably arranged. The precision processing of stamping parts is closely related to the heat treatment process. The aging and cold treatment ensure the precision and stability of hangzhou stamping parts.
5, precision measurement is a necessary condition for precision stamping parts, without the corresponding precision measurement means, it is impossible to scientifically measure the precision and surface quality of precision machining. In stamping precision machining and ultra-precision machining, precision measurement become key, sometimes in high precision aerostatic bearing, for example, to measure it under high-speed rotation of the radial and axial channeling is a very difficult, this limits the further improve the accuracy of aerostatic bearing, precision measurement and precision machining are inseparable.

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